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The world is witnessing an unprecedented centralization of economic power by the leading tech companies Amazon, Facebook and Apple. This dominating position allows Amazon to dictate prices and terms, factully subordinating most online merchants across the globe.


GAMB is the decentralized marketplace of the future with no decision making unit other than the owners of the marketplace themselves. The Merchant Alliance members (token holders) will define rules into smart contracts so that transparency, trust and sustainability are guaranteed.

GAMB Gives Power to the Merchants

By adopting a decentrally organized marketplace, merchants continue to stay independent, enabling them to manage their online shops locally, while ensuring access to traffic and consumer demand.

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    The GAMB marketplace bundles traffic and is responsible to attract buyers.

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    The marketplace is optimized by an experienced in-house team for SEO.

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    The marketplace does not drive their merchants out of business by copying products and undercutting prices.

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    Each member of the merchant alliance is able to submit ideas and proposals for voting.

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    Buyer Protection

    The GAMB marketplace guarantees full coverage of all eligible payments.

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    The marketplace shares gathered data to improve the competitive positioning of merchants.

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Ecommerce Facts


Annual shop revenues in 2017


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Feature in

"GAMB's [...] marketplace hopes to enable businesses to manage their online shops locally, while ensuring access to traffic, SEO and consumer demand."

"Decentralized marketplace, where members set the rules, creates more trust [...] with the blockchain technology powering tools like loyalty programs and reviews and ratings."

"At GAMB, traders [...] co-determine the rules that apply to all sellers. This is to be made possible by blockchain technology and the platform token GMB."

The market share leader in Germany

Gambio had the biggest market share taking a total of 11.89 percent of all e-commerce technologies.

  • Gambio
  • Magento
  • ePages
  • Zen Cart

Indepent source - Market share of e-commerce software providers in Germany in 2018 -

5 Stars Rated by Our Customers

Great product with first-class support.

Ingo, 2nd of May

Fast and competent help. Very friendly support team. Always my pleasure.

Melanie, 2nd of May

The Gambio update service was quick and easy as always. I highly recommend this service.

Anne, 5th of April

The all-in-one E-Commerce-Solution

Gambio is a flexible shopping cart solution that is being used successfully for the webshops of more than 25,000 companies.

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Strategic Advisors

Harvard University
Goldman Sachs

Katalin Tischhauser


Zug, Switzerland

Katalin had a 20-year career in investment banking, working for Goldman Sachs, SBC Warburg, Citigroup. Ms. Tischhauser served as a Director of Monetas AG and is CEO of TokenVision, a Swiss advisory boutique focused on blockchain technology and crypto assets. She has over twenty years of experience helping startups grow up right. Katalin is a mathematician, economist and Harvard MBA.

Eric G. Sarasin


Basel, Switzerland

Eric has more than 30 years of professional banking experience, working for Bank J. Safra Sarasin, Citi and Pictet. He holds various board positions amongst ATAG Family Office and is an active private equity investor. Until 2014, Eric was the President of the German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce for 12 years. Further, he supports numerous philanthropic foundations in Switzerland and abroad.

Frank Bodin


Zürich, Switzerland

Frank served until recently as the Chairman & CEO of Havas in Switzerland and Chairman of the Global Creative Council of Havas. He is President of the ADC Switzerland and Board Member of Communications Switzerland (ks/cs). He received innumerable awards and was Advertiser of the Year. Mr. Bodin studied music at the Zürich Conservatory and law at the University of Zürich.

Dr. Luka Müller


Zürich, Switzerland

Dr. Luka Müller provides assistance to companies in the technology and financial sectors with a focus on blockchain technology. He focuses on financing acquisition and restructuring cases. He is an expert on regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and judicial assistance.

Alexander Shulgin


Moscow, Russia

Mr. Shuglin is a Russian celebrity with more than 15 years of investment and venture captial experience. Shulgin is an in-demand speaker on the subject of cryptocurrency and also runs serveral venture capital funds that increasingly focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency investments.

Dr. Felix Hoetzinger


Munich, Germany

Felix began his career as an investment analyst with PolyTechnos Venture Partners, a €200M pan-European fund. He is founder and co-founder of many tech companies and he supports several well known companies as a board member - including the supervisory board of BNP Paribas Cardif. Felix holds degrees in maths, physics, finance and business from LMU in Munich, University of Wales, University of Nitra and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He has the theoretical aptitude to run a bank according to §33 Abs. 2 KWG, a debt collection company according to §10 Abs. 1 RDG and is certified as a rating advisor.

Matthias Hunecke


Oldenburg, Germany

Matthias is a serial entrepreneur. Already during his school days, he founded his first company, which he sold 5 years later with a turnover of more than 100 million Euros. He then founded other successful companies, including the Brille24 Group, which he made the largest online optician for prescription glasses in Europe and sold the majority in 2015. He also works as a business angel, is a board member of the Business Angel Weser-Ems-Bremen, is a board member of the University of Oldenburg accelerator "VentureLab" and advises companies on financial transactions.


Read the Whitepaper

Learn more about the vision of GAMB and fully understand why the decentralization of marketplaces is the future of e-commerce.



  1. Q2 2018

    Website launched
    First version of whitepaper released

  2. Q3 2018

    ICO successfully closed
    Release: Name and brand of marketplace
    Opening of pre-registration for merchants

  3. Q4 2018

    Closed alpha: definition of and product search engine MVP
    Open beta: product search engine MVP
    Release: product search engine 1.0

  4. Q1 2019

    Release: marketplace connector API
    Release: merchant alliance governance backend MVP

  5. Q2 2019

    Release Beta: marketplace MVP (product search / order management)

  6. Q4 2019

    Release: marketplace 1.0

  7. Q1 2020

    Onboarding of 9,000 Spanish merchants and expansion into Spain

  8. Q2 2020

    Onboarding of 13,000 French merchants and expansion into France

  9. Q3 2020

    Onboarding of merchant base in Poland, Italy and UK

  10. Q4 2020

    Onboarding of merchant base in Sweden, Denmark, Netherland and Belgium

  11. Q1 2021

    Onboarding of merchant base in Turkey & Malaysia

  12. Q2 2021

    Expansion of partner network


Token Details

What is a GMB?

GMB is the native platform token. It empowers merchants to take control over their marketplace by voting on platform improvement proposals.

Token Utility

The GMB token is used to vote on platform proposals for the decentralized marketplace. Over time, this model hands all decision power to token owners.



Total supply

5,000,000,000 GMB


No. Tokens unsold are shared pro rata among contributors.

Retail Rate

1 GMB = 0.0001 ETH

Soft Cap

$5 million

Hard Cap

$15 million

Token Allocation

Tokens Allocation
  • 35%

    Public sale

  • 27%

    Marketplace development

  • 13%


  • 10%


  • 10%


  • 5%


Use of Proceeds

Use of Proceeds
  • 45%

    Marketing & Sales

  • 37%

    Engineering & Development

  • 15%

    Operations & administration

  • 3%


Meet the GAMB Executive Team

Thiemo Antonczyk

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Antonczyk is part of the tech and blockchain team since the start of GAMB. Currently, he is partner at a IT infrastructure company managing customers IT infrastructure since over 15 years. Mr. Antonczyk build as team lead and software architect several integrations for ecommerce projects into the IT infrastructure of the customers.

The First Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain

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