The first Marketplace for online shops and crypto payments

GMB – the first coin with a real-world use case
in daily e-commerce.

GMB GMB available for trading or swapping to GMBT to use on the GAMB / GLMall Marketplace

50.000 GMB holders

3 currencies (BTC, ETH, USDT)

2 exchanges (KuCoin P2PB2B) 

Token Economy

All GMB coins previously swapped into GMBT will be locked until swapped back.


Buyers can use GMB for purchases on GLMall or hold for future value increase


Merchants can hold GMB for future value increase


Agent can use GMB for purchases on GLMall


Merchants can use GMB for purchases on GLMall

Earn Interest with GMB Staking

A simple and efficient auto-staking portal that allows earning interest on GMB.


Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022

Q1 2022

Integration of Shopify.
Global marketing of Shopify integration
Listing on two additional exchanges
Joining the “Future is Now” Network and presentation in the latest movie
High-Class Event at Expo Dubai inviting 40+ Government representatives

Q2 2022

Negotiation for integration of GAMB in at least one country
Agreement with large Merchants to integrate GAMB Crypto payments
Implementation of the NFT creation and Marketplace
Integration of additional online shop providers

Q3 2022

Integration of the NGO donation Tool
Integration of Micro Finance Tool
Global marketing towards all these activities

Our Partner GloBra

created, licensed and operates the GAMB GLMall Marketplace

GLBrain operated on three different levels