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What is GAMB Power to the Merchants?

GAMB is a project run by GAMB Power to the Merchants Ltd., a company registered under the laws of Malta. GAMB ran a Malta-licensed ICO in 2018, created the GMB Token, and build the GAMB Marketplace.

What is the role of Globra?

Globra FZ-LLC is registered in the UAE and owns GLBrain and GLMall, a marketplace for online shops. It uses and holds a unique patent-pending blockchain technology allowing coin transfers without the usual transfer cost.

Globra entered a cooperation and license agreement with GAMB and built the GMBT and the GAMB Marketplace for GAMB.

What is the GMB?

The Token issued according to the White paper in 2018 is now trading on two exchanges, KuCoin and P2PB2B. GMB uses the ETH Blockchain. The current and maximum supply is

What is the GMBT?

The GMBT is a parallel token to the GMB, allowing ultra-fast speed and free of the usual crypto transaction cost. It is the transaction coin of the GMB on the GAMB Marketplace. GMBT uses the Skyfiber Blockchain, and the current and maximum supply is, always equaling the supply of GMB.
GMBT can be stored on unique GMBT wallets and be transferred only between GMBT Wallets.

How to get GMBT?

A GMBT always matches a GMB means a GMBT held in a GMBT wallet represents a GMB in a defined public GMB wallet. There are two ways to get GMBT.
Buyers may swap GMB from a GMB wallet to a GMBT Wallet. The related GMB shall go to the public GMB wallet waiting there for the re-swap. Buyers may also purchase GMBT direct with fiat or crypto through the swapping gateway. Upon such direct purchase of GMBT, GMBT will be added to the public wallet waiting for their re-swap.

How to get a GMBT Wallet?

See the links on this Webpage with related downloads and tutorials.

How to get to the Swapping Portal?

See the links on this Webpage with related downloads and tutorials.

How to use the GAMB Marketplace as a Buyer?

Go to GLMall and find offers marked with the GMBT sign. Such offers show that the Merchant, presenting his offers on GLMall is willing to sell for GMBT. For such offers, the Buyer now can pay in fiat and shall be transferred to the Merchant’s online shop. In case he opts to pay with GMBT then the deal is executed on the GAMB Marketplace.
See the links in this Webpage with related downloads and tutorials.

How to offer products as a Merchant?

Merchants offering their products and services on GLMall have the option to also sell for GMBT. If the Buyer opts to buy in fiat, it links to the Merchant’s online shop. On the other hand, if he opts to buy in GMBT the Merchant will execute the deal on the GAMB Marketplace in GMBT.
See the links in this Webpage with related downloads and tutorials.

What is the GAMB Agent System?

GMBT transactions also allow using Agents for the promotion of the offers of a Merchant.
The Merchant needs to agree on some or all of his products to allow Agents to help sell.
Agents need to register and get a unique agency code. Any sales done using such code entitles the Agent to a commission per the smart agreement with the Merchant. The system works like an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing), allowing every Agent to engage further agents on three levels. The commission is transferred via the blockchain instantly upon transfer of the GMBT to the Merchant.
See the links in this Webpage with related downloads and tutorials.

Are there any transfer costs like Gas involved when dealing with GMBT?

The Skyfiber blockchain does not need a transfer cost for transferring GMBT coins into the blockchain nor within the blockchain. Therefore, swapping GMB to GMBT does not create any transfer cost. However, re-swapping from GMBT to GMB involves ETH Gas price to be paid by GAMB. Therefore for re-swapping, a fixed fee of $ 3 is charged by GAMB to deal with these Gas fees. BUT as usual, a merchant does a re-swap, and he will not re-swap small amounts for him; this shall be ok.
Purchasing GMBT direct with fiat or crypto technically means GAMB is selling GMB to the Buyer and needs to use the funds to rebuy related GMB from the exchange. Therefore, to cover the related transaction cost for getting the payment and buying related GMB on the exchanges, GAMB Charges for such a direct purchase of GMBT 7.5 %.
GAMB charges for all transfers from the storage wallet to the Merchants, Buyers, or Agents 8% of the GMBT value in GMBT.

What is the benefit of buying GMBT direct?

Buyers may want to go direct and not buy GMB first on exchanges and then swap them to GMBT. However, this may also incur high charges and admin. So for this GAMB allows direct purchase.

What is the real benefit if no crypto transfer charges?

It is massive as there is no transfer cost for the Buyer; even swapping from GMB to GMBT is free. However, as
 several transfers are involved from the swapping into, paying to the GAMB wallet, distributing to Merchants and three levels of Agents, and re-swapping; any other blockchain would consume enormous funds by charging multiple base and additional fees. 

How will the GMB Token Economy benefit?

All GMBT in use means purchased or swapped-in from GMB will bind the same number of GMB waiting for re-swap. Therefore, in the GMB wallet, there will be even more GMB waiting to cover all direct purchases at all times. Thus, the liquidity of the GMB will be limited by all GMBT actually in use. Shortening the liquidity of GMB shall increase its value, and rising prices make it more attractive for all participants to hold and not to swap back.